Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Outline

This layout would require 216 hexagons.

This layout is 14x11 and would need 154 hexies....

Closer look.....

I like them like this, it looks like a lot more than 60.
They make me smile, the fabric is so pretty.  What are you up to this weekend?

I Made The Cutest Oven Mitts and More....

I was inspired this week by Erin @ and her oven mitts.  I am trying to use up the fabric on hand and not create any more UFO's but was a little bored with my current projects......while browsing my blog list I came upon Erin's tutorial and  tada here is my new set of oven mitts, coasters and mug rug.  I was really inspired!!!   And the best part  no UFO's!!!!   I FMQ the mitts with Chrysanthemum pattern that I saw on Rachel's blog, Stiched In Color.  One side is solid with FMQing and the other is QAYG strips.  Then straight quilting added making a diamond pattern.  (Shown in picture down below)


I cut up the scraps and made them into improv coasters!!

The mitts and coasters are going to my daughter and the mug rug for my husband.  The good thing about the insul-bright is it keeps the condensation from going through to the surface of the table.  The fabric and batting hold the moisture and your furniture doesn't get damaged.

Fabric is Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry
Mug Rug for Mr. M with random FMQing all over.  

This made my day a Happy Sewing Day, Yeah!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Yep it's that time again and I am still working on the same old stuff.......what's a girl to do?

Make more WIPs or keep going on the same ones?

 Or do I stay up all night  and finish the ones that are started, so I would have a reason to start something new?

  I told myself this year I would use up my stash and not make so many UFO 's.  I have sorta stuck to my plan....I only bought fabric for my Get Your Hex On quilting bee and one oops because I thought it would be a good coordinate for the other fabric turns out Avignon does not match Polka Dot Stitches AT all!!!   Oh and one charm pack of noteworthy, again I thought it would have some good blenders to match Hex quilt.    So that plan is on track.....and I haven't stated any ore UFO's.   so that goal is on track.

But this makes blogging pretty boring, right?  So what's a girl to do???? send me some suggestions!!!!  I need some inspiration!!

I did join the Postage Stamp Swap and am just about ready to send the blocks.  They are due out tomorrow.  So that completed one goal of using up some stash.....

Well I caved and bought some insul-bright.   I am going to make up some oven mitts for my daughter...and I didn't buy any new fabric!!!

How To Turn Off Word Cerification

         Have you ever typed up a comment on someone's blog and hit submit and oh no the word verification is on??.

        I have such a hard time figuring out the letter/ number combination that if it doesn't go through on the first or second try I just give up and that great blogger nevers hears my sweet words of appreciation for sharing their project.

         Erin has a great step by step tip on how to turn that pesky thing off !!!  Yeah thanks Erin!!!   Click the link below to see her great tip and many others on her blog.  While you are turning that off you can also check to see if you are a no reply blogger.  Easy to fix but when you first start a blog these things are enabled and you never even knew you had them until some nice person made a tip on how to turn it off.

Erin @sew at home mummy

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend!!!! Happy Sewing, K

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Sewing

I have lots of little EPP's set and ready to go husband will be getting his surgery on his broken ankle today, and I have my waiting room busy work all ready......he has been waiting 2 weeks for the swelling to go down enough to have the procedure.   I am off form work this week and will be able to nurse him, well,  sew a lot and check up on him occasionally.   I love him to distraction but he is a bad patient.  

Working on my Hexie quilt and my postage block swap, due out this week.  I made my original commitment of 10 but have several more almost done.  I find I really enjoy this easy block and its great challenge to match up the intersections perfectly. If not, I am OCD and have to rip and resew.

I am sending the brights and have decided I like the Avignon orange and yellows.  When I bought this online I thought it would work on my Hexie quilt and didn't like it when it arrived.  So I decided to use it for the swap, thinking someone would like them.   So now I totally love the fabrics now that they are cut up and repieced.  Going to make them into pillows, or placemats.....

Off to the Doctors.....Happy Sewing, K

Claiming my blog

This is kind of a silly thing to post, but here is my claim to my blog.  Bloglovin followers can find me now, I think.  Lol. Either way I have been claimed!  
On to more fun stuff, like sewing or making something...

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