Saturday, September 29, 2012

Garden quilt top done!

Well, I have finished the hand appliqué which took 5 years, I know this because I scanned the pattern and printed it to make my templates, and the computer dates don't lie. I am super stoked because this quilt is sooo pretty, the fabric patterns and color are gorgeous. I want to make a pieced back but something quick since this has taken so long to hand sew. So it is officially a WIP.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Here is my first UFO that I am working on..


Today I started my first blog.... I am not a good writer so bear with me.  I am starting this blog because I want to follow along with the Free Motion Quilting Project and you need a blog to link your pictures so others can see your progress.  The challenge is UFO'S and I have quite a bit of them, for one reason or another I have not finished these projects.  Some are a bit of boredom, others a stumbling block with my skill level, the rest will be determined when I get them out.  You may wonder at my email address...p8ntingmom.   I decided one day that I wanted to learn to tole paint, so I bought a book and taut myself to paint.   That is about the time the Internet became available to  the mainstream.  I learned to sew as a child and have been crafty ever since.

So in to my UFO...l started this punched rug quite some time ago, years, and thought this is a good UFO, it's practically done.  Well I remembered why it's a UFO. I ran out of one color of yarn.  Luckily one of the colors had the tag on it still and I was able to buy it online.  So the punching is done, now I just need to sew the binding.

One of my other reasons for having so many ufos is that I like to work on multiple projects at once. Some for the couch, some for the sewing machine and some for travel like dr apps, waiting rooms etc.
That is enough for now let me get to the picture and design of my blog now...