Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm A Winner

Wow I had a great weekend!!!  Spent Friday at the Road 2 Ca quilt convention looking at all of the beautiful quilts on display. There is definitely something for everyone. Traditional, modern, appliqué, pieced, old, new, sewn by machine, sewn by hand and many, many more!!  Then there is the shopping. Oh my!!  You can get in trouble at this place. 

 I won the Sunday prize!!! And will be the proud owner of a Martelli Cutting Table. 
I don't have a good picture yet but will add a better one as soon as it arrives and I get it set up.

Check out the photos.. I only took a few and forgot to take a pic of each bio of the quilter so I can not show them here. This is a free pattern from Riley Blake, so cute. 

Amazing hand quilting. I LOVE this detail!!

Love this color combination.

This was one of the winning quilts. It was so crowded I couldn't get a good pic or the bio of the maker but I'm sure it's available on the road website. 

Fabulous weekend, I'll share my new cutting table soon.. 
Happy Sewing, K

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Sunday

A New Year and lots of new experiences await!!  Took some time off from the blog, retail Holiday was really grueling this year starting in August.  One more week, an inventory from he@& or heaven we will see......then a much needed vacation.

I'm looking for some new bees to join this year and found one over in Instagram if anyone is interested.  #challengeacceptedbee2015.  Seems like it is going to be fun.  I have never done an Instagram challenge so lots of new things to learn and new people to meet!

I am still in the "Get Your Hex On Bee" but that will be wrapping up soon over on Flickr.

Anyone know about some fun groups to join?

Here is my latest project, wool hat for my daughter.
About 10 more rows to go....

That's it for now...Happy Sunday! K

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Where has The Summer Gone

Wow time has been flying and kids are going back to school.   Here is what I have been working on....

Earrings and more earrings.  These are sterling silver.
And some more hexies for my Candied Hexie Quilt.  I almost have enough to start sewing them into one big quilt.  It's been a long time getting there but it might just happen yet.
Hope you all had a productive summer too.  K

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jewelry Making

Here is my first wire wrapped earrings!  I have this new obsession with wire wrapped jewelry.  They are about the size of a quarter.  I love how they look.

This is what my workspace looks like...lots of little bits of metal and tools.  These are the duds.

The makeup brush is for wrapping wire around to make smooth circles.  

Love my new hobby.  You can see my Pinterest board on "cool jewelry"  at Kristin428.  I can't figure out how to make a link with my IPAD.  Next time.  Off to clean up my mess.  Happy Sunday, K

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Picked up a new book this weekend.  Here is my first attempt at wire wrapped beads and the resulting bracelet.  Love this book!  I will post the title with my next project.  (Puppy is sleeping on my lap and I don't want to disturb the little princess.) Pictures are great and with a little help from YouTube I was able to create a nice piece.  Looking forward to making some more.   I fell in love with some earrings on Pinterest and am going to work on my skills to be able to make them.   

This is the inspiration from the book.

Happy Sewing, K

Sunday, May 18, 2014

String Blocks

Who knew string blocks could be so fun??

I found these on a Flickr swap group where you sign up for a set amount and sent them in, then they mix them all up and sent them back out so you get a nice scrappy variety of blocks back.

 Now I have seen these before, however these have a cut pieced strip at the center of each one that makes them more interesting.  I chose to add a 1/2" finished, white strip on both sides of the center strip and I think that really sets off the piecing.  Not sure I want to send them off for the swap.  You can check it out on Flickr here.

These blocks are sewn onto a 6 1/2" square of computer paper with a very short stitch length so the paper will pull off easy.  So far I am happy with the results.

I carted my sewing machine, iron, board and all the other much needed accessories and did my sewing outdoors today.  LOVED IT.  Definitely going to do it again soon.  It was pretty warm but I do love the sun and my garden.  
Hope you all had a fun sewing day,  K

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hexie Pincushion Swap

Here is my little pin cushion for the English Paper Pieceing Swap found on Flickr.  I had lots of fun sewing these little 1/2" hexies.  I uses a charm pack and Essex linen to make this baby.  It's filled with crushed walnut shells.  I bought a small bag and now have enough for 10 more pin cushions!! Looks like I will have to come up with some other cushions to design.  

Working on some string blocks to come soon.

Happy sewing, K

Sunday, March 23, 2014

So Busy Sunday

I have been so busy lately that my blog is neglected!!  

Today I went on a couple hour hike in the mountains just above my house...well we had to drive for 30 min but it was great.  Shaded pathways, bubbling stream, the company of my daughter.    We went 2 miles and it was uphill all the way.  I really enjoyed the peacefulness even if I was huffing and puffing to get up the hill.  We ate our lunch by the stream  and then headed back down the trail.  Much easier than up, that's for sure!  

After that we drove quite a way to go see a dog shoe that I am interested in competing in.  I am definitely signing up for the next agility trial at City of Industry.  Only 40 min away from home and in a covered arena.  Not too hot for my puppy.  Here is a pic from out first trial.  We have our first title Novice Jumpers.  Next we show in the open catagory a bit harder but we are ready for the challenge!!

  I did get to sew up some hexies while she was driving!
That's it for now...happy Sunday, K

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My New Quilted Lunch Bag

I finished this lunch bag in February.  I used a charm pack of Chez Moi Mimi  and some of the floral print yardage for the lining.
I started with the dimensions of my plastic storage that I picked up at Target.  It's pretty functional,  large box with ice pack and 2 smaller 1 cup containers.  I needed some extra space too for a can of soda so I designed it a bit roomy.  
I used a double layer of insulbrite throughout the body, bottom and flap of the bag.  It's quilted using a walking foot and a wavy stitch setting on my machine.  I quilted on every line of the 1" postage squares.  (finished size).  For the interior I found a vinyl iron on product to laminate the fabric so clean up would be easy.   I added a strap across the back so it slips onto my rolling briefcase that I use for work as my hands are often full with other stuff when going into my stores.  It has a shoulder strap too.  

What I have discovered:
  • Insulbrite works great, if you have the right size cold pack and can keep cold all day.   My cold pack is kinda small and keeps cold well until lunch time.  Leftovers must go in the fridge.
  • Vinyl laminate is really easy to iron on and cleans up wonderfully.
  • French seams were used on the inside seams of the box with tiny stitches which prevents leaking.   I filed it with water for a minute and it didn't pour out.  So no embarrassing leaks in front of my coworkers.
  • Shoulder strap needs to be repositioned, when the bag is heavy it tends to open. 
  • Velcro closure keeps the bag sealed well and holds the cold in.  Probably would work with a hot lunch too.
Overall a pretty good lunch bag and lots of people think it's cute and asked where I got it.  Made by me of course!!!
I didn't take pictures as I sewed so here it is all finished!!