Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

I am so ready for a new year!  I have all kinds of things I want to do, like..... 

  • Make a modern scrappy quilt from the new book I just bought, Sunday Morning Quilts.
  • Clean out and organize my fabric.
  • Make backs and quilt the finished tops my sister made.
  • Finish the hand appliqué scallops on my Fantasy Flowers quilt top.
  • Then quilt it, the back is ready to go.
  • Go on a vacation
  • Exercise every week. Ugh gotta do it.
  • Make a biscornu.  It's a little embroidered pillow or pincushion.  I saw it on a blog and now I have to have one.
  • Start my spring garden, oh wait it's too cold right this minute....wait till March.
  • Make more hexies, and make them into a scrappy bright lap quilt.
  • Figure out how to design a cute blog.....

I have lots more to add but I need to go clean the garage and make my last donation to the good will today for the year.

Here is my mosaic for this year's project, not all of them because I didn't take pictures or have a blog at the time.

 I do love blogging, it keeps me focused on what I love to do and maybe I will start my second career here, the possibilities are's a NEW YEAR!!!!!

What are your plans for the NEW YEAR????  
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hexie Sewing Case


     With my new love of EPP my little Hexie's needed a take along bag.  So out came the graph paper, the sharpies and I went to town.....I knew I wanted a place for my paper pieces, finished hexies, thread,  pins, needles, thread heaven, thimble, seam ripper, the WIP and some extra fabric.

  Yikes that is a lot of stuff to squish into a small bag!!!!! 

      Oh yeah, I need my scissors too!  Can't live without those babies!  I also wanted it to zip, not tie closed, so my stuff would not fall out. Those scissors and thimble cost a pretty penny!

Here is a pic of my drawings....a bit messy.....I had lots of ideas, the finished item doesn't even look like this.

Inside.  I made a clear pocket so I could see my paper pieces and finished ones too!!  So happy with how the zipper came out.  Somehow when I measured, I decided I needed at least a 27 inch zipper.  I bought this 30 inch separating zipper which worked perfect.

My scissors are on a ribbon so I don't lose them if they fall out of the bag. I had to reinforce the pouch with craft pellon so my tips will not cut through the bag.....hoping this works!!

I have never made a tutorial or a pattern but I would try.  What do you think? Anyone interested??

Like my thimble? I picked it up at the Road to California Quilt Show a couple years ago.  Hand made sterling silver.  Love it!!!
Here is the finished case
I would love to hear any ideas or see what you use to tote your hexies around town....

     My next UFO project to work on is this mini quilt.  I have the top all done and now need some ideas on how best to quilt it.  It does have  A LOT of seams to go through and I am already worrying about the needle breakage I am going to have.  Any suggestions??   Each triangle set was 3/4 unfinished thangles.  I still haven't pulled off all the bits of papers on the back.  I guess I have been intimidated and that is the reason it is sitting around.....

Off to decorate the Christmas tree.  Happy Sewing, K

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deck the Walls

It's that time to deck the walls with Quilts.....I made this Nancy Halvorson quilt several years ago and it certainly was a UFO for quite a while. I have most of her Holiday books and love her fabrics.  I hand appliqued the antlers and embroidered the reindeer names.  The rest was pieced.

 I was new to FMQing and I turned to the internet to find patterns and advice.  That is when I found Leah Day and the 365 Free Motion Designs.  I jumped in and started with simple wiggly lines, loopy lines and some loopy stars.

 I did finally finish it and I love the way it looks on the wall, but it is even better to cuddle with on the couch.  I used Bernatex fabric, warm and natural batting and a combination of rayon threads that matched the fabric.  I am still not bold enough to go with threads that stand out against the fabric.  Need more skills....

I think it's my all time favorite.  

As I started to get out the decorations I pulled out my quilted table runner and place-mats,  also a Nancy design and realized that I may finally be skilled enough to do the free motion quilting around the Santa's faces.

 So they were officially done long ago, but now a WIP.   I will  work on them a bit each night after work, the next couple weeks.

Each face had different fabrics from the same collection.

This one is the end of the runner.
I cant wait to add some spirals to his beard and jazz them all up a bit.

What are some of your favorite decorations?

I am still working on my hexies and I got a bug today to make a case to carry them in, so I spent my day surfing for a pattern and decided to design a bag.  We'll see how it comes out, more to come on that later.  Back to the Machine....happy sewing, K

Monday, December 3, 2012

UFO or Not

Good news!!!!! My UFO's are not building.....bad news, they are not diminishing either. I have been able to get a good start on my Christmas presents, oh and throw in a few birthdays too. One of them tonight! I made the ear bud holder in Sweetest Thing and it came out so cute, hopes she likes it.
This was really easy to make and took 30 minutes or less. I did not top stitch the edge but would rather do some hand stitching to the top but the party was today and no time..... Earbud Tutorial

 I also finished the plastic bag recycler for DD and I'm in love with the modern quilted look to this. It took me the whole day but totally worth it. Now I want one for myself!
I loosely followed this tutorial....with my Joel Dewberry Fabric, Notting Hill.

On to 6 day workweeks so things will be slowing down a bit on sewing, just a few more zip bags and possibly a kindle case then on to Inventory then some vacation time.    Happy Sewing, K

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Finished Projects

Ok I have never made a mosaic and didn't actually make this one either. I asked my daughter to help me and like a wizard she click, click, clicked and tada there is a pretty mosaic. I am gonna need help again for the next one......Linking up with Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hexie Love!!

       Why have I never heard of EPP and hexagons?   I am in love with these little guys!  I picked up some Flirt at my LQS and started in on this charm pack.  I take the train to work twice a week and it certainly is an easy take along project.  Gonna make a zippered bag when done.....

These are 3/4 inch, which is deceiving because they are bigger, it must mean that if you used the paper as a template and then folded under 1/4 on all sides it would be 3/4".  Not really sure but I still love them!!!!

Another new favorite.....Riley Blake Sweetest Thing.  I really liked it in the pictures, I love it in person.  I picked a rollie pollie, never had one before, 2 packs of charm squares and 5, 1/2 yard cuts. Oh and I got 25% off Black Friday @ Fat Quarter Shop..... Can't wait till the weekend to make something with it!!!   Any suggestions?

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Fabric, New Project!

Notting Hill - Fat Quarter Bundle Teal          I just got a package in the mail this week from Intrepid Threads, Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry.  It is a bit yellower/greener than I expected so I ran over to New Moon Textiles and picked up some Kona solids in teals and cream.

      Gonna try some improv piecing/ cutting and see what I come up with.  The finished projects need to be a table runner, kitchen rug and a plastic bag dispenser.  Included is my inspiration links.....My actual mat does not look like any of my inspiration...?  Oh well, I'm happy with the results.  I used the Matrix FMQing from Leah Day.

 Made strip sets and randomly cut them up and sewed back together.
2 layers of fusible felt and 2 layers of fusible batting with canvas as the backing.   I steam pressed this very flat and then quilted it.

 Trimmed and bound.

Freda's HiveSHPKFMfloormat.jpg
Moda Bake Shop[grocerybagtuttitleNEW.jpg] In my surfing for inspiration I landed on this blog and of course followed it because her projects are awesome!!  Now added to my gift list are a couple of ear bud holders for the teen who needs a new pair every couple of months....  $8.00for the PDF Pattern.    free tutorial here

Gotta get going.....
Happy Sewing, K

Oh yeah I need to make a Kindle Cover too....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mini Quilted Bag

The friendship tote is about 5 inches across and about 6 inches tall.    Tutorial found at ps i quilt.   See the one I modified to fit my fabric here.

I did a bit of Matrix on the bottom and flowing lines on the body of the bag.   I'm linking up with Leah Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project.  I love her designs and when I am stuck I peruse her site until inspiration hits me!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

2 More Off The List.....

Today I got 2 more gifts done for the little ones on my list...  I used the tutorial for Friendship Bag by Rachel Griffith
       It was easy to follow along with the pictures as they have lots of detail   I chose fabric from my stash that my daughter and I selected for a wonky butterfly quilt that turned into a UFO.  She is 18 now and not in need of a girly butterfly quilt.  : (   

 I ended up fussy cutting the design and the finished bag is taller than the original but I'm happy with the results.  I also made the straps longer on this one.

I practiced my FMQing using the Matrix design from the Free Motion Quilting Project on the bottom inset.   I did have a hard time with this at first because it was so fast and I am used to anchoring my arms to the table and using just my fingers/hands to move the fabric.  For this I had to push the fabric around faster and it took some practice to get control to make the lines smooth.  

This is the back of the batting, the bag is lined so I didn't use backing here.  

 Up close I think it looks OK   Some of my stitch length is pretty long, but I'm sure the 5 year old will never know....and she doesn't read my blog.. : )

  For her little sister I made the bag as shown in the tutorial and as I folded over the top edge before top stitching it made a 1/4 inch border.  So instead of evening up the edges I topstiched it with just that 1/4 inch on the outside making a solid rim.    I am buying little lunch kits   (bento boxes)  I saw at Old Navy to put inside for snack time to complete the gifts.  I didn't find a picture at but there are tons of them on Pinterest.....

Here is Flowing Lines, again just the batting side.   This is on the 2nd bag, no picture, it started raining and I didn't get a picture yet.  I will post one tomorrow.

Still have several ideas for gifts just waiting for a package from Intrepid Threads, Joel Dewberry, Notting Hill.  

Notting Hill - Fat Quarter Bundle Teal

What are you making this year for your loved ones?  I need some more ideas!!
Happy Sewing, K

Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick & Easy

Just finished up this quick little 3 zip bag.  This tutorial is really great, and super easy to follow.   I found it at A Quilters Table.

 I had this retro 50's fabric for quite some time and  still have lots left over for another one.

Now on to the next item on my gift list.  To see more gift ideas, click here.  Happy sewing, K

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Week's Projects

Here is what I have been up to this week.....Table runner and mug rugs.

1 gift exchange item off the list!! yeah.   I have viewed a few tutorials on quilt as you go strip piecing and I have never tried it.  Well, I have to say super easy and really quick.  I will have to try bigger strips next time and do some edge to edge FMQ patterns horizontally on the strips.

 I made some random strip widths, and cut some up, repieced and then trimmed.
 Sewed strips to backing and batting all in one.

 Ta Da, the finished runner and mug rugs.  I used my decorative stitches on my machine for fast quilting but this could easily been free motion quilted

.  I am on a super time crunch for my holiday sewing and am pretty happy with the results.  Completed in a few hours.  Hardest thing was getting the bias binding on those circles.  I bought a set of round templates (thick like rulers) for a project and never used them, while rummaging though my stuff to find the small square ruler I ran across the rounds and I think it is a perfect shape for the linear piecing.  The solid is the back...
This is a good stash buster and I have a family member that loves, loves. love 4th of July.

On last weeks post I listed 10 free tutorials for great holiday gifts and this was one of them, if you are like me and need some ideas check it out.   Happy Sewing....K

As far as my UFO's they are down to hand sewing in the evening, binding and hand applique on the scallops for Fantasy Flowers.   About halfway done.  Linking up with Leah Day at UFO Sunday, Free Motion Quilting Project.  Of course I do have others that will wait until Spring when I have more free time.     Happy Sewing....K