Friday, January 4, 2013


Checking in with my work in progress.....I have been cutting my scraps from

 this quilt to make some scrappy hexagons with EPP. I have cut some up into triangles and diamonds to get a more pieces look to the quilt.  It may only end up a pillow or zip bag but I love the fabrics so much I needed to use up the scraps.  It really brightens my day during my long train trip tp work....

Not much time for sewing after work this week due to inventory coming up....but I will have some much needed vacation time at the end of the month right in time for the Road To California Quilt Show.  Anyone else going or taking classes?   I usually go for the shopping and to look at all the quilts on display.  

Almost to work, gotta go, happy sewing, K


  1. Hi Kristin! I just found your blog and I love it! We seem to share the same taste in fabric, Nancy Halvorsen, and quilt patterns :) We even share the same name ;) But, you are way more productive than me!

    Best wishes for the new year,
    Kristin in Sweden

    1. Kristin
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, I find it keeps me busy and more focused on my sewing. As far as productive, I did get a lot of small things done this holiday season, now I have to work on my UFO's. Happy Sewing in the New Year, Kristin :)

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