Thursday, February 7, 2013

Zentangle Heart

Still under the needle. Design from my new book, you can see the heart design on the cover. I am using a signature variegated thread and have had to travel stitch over several times to build up color. It is a really good way to practice my FMQ skills. The fabric is canvas as I wanted a rough texture as the background. Once done I might add some beading or maybe bleed some textile ink into some of the sections to add interest. It's still kinda plain looking right now.

Would love some ideas??

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Project

          Beautiful day in sunny California!!! I spent a nice hour in the sun doing my first Zentangle. I picked up 2 books at the Road to Ca Quilt show and had some time to try it out.

           Here is a pick of my first attempt. I am using a little spiral note pad with kinda think paper but you are really supposed to use 3.5" square tiles, a thick high quality paper with a velum like finish.

The second book is for sewing Zentangles on fabric, which I thought would be really a great way to practice FMQ and end up with a cool project. The book has some great canvas bags and with the black thread it really looks quite nice.

Gonna go play with some thread......Happy Sewing, K

Update- I spent the day sewing the heart on the cover of the book, it's still under the needle!!! I will show it off later this week......