Sunday, May 18, 2014

String Blocks

Who knew string blocks could be so fun??

I found these on a Flickr swap group where you sign up for a set amount and sent them in, then they mix them all up and sent them back out so you get a nice scrappy variety of blocks back.

 Now I have seen these before, however these have a cut pieced strip at the center of each one that makes them more interesting.  I chose to add a 1/2" finished, white strip on both sides of the center strip and I think that really sets off the piecing.  Not sure I want to send them off for the swap.  You can check it out on Flickr here.

These blocks are sewn onto a 6 1/2" square of computer paper with a very short stitch length so the paper will pull off easy.  So far I am happy with the results.

I carted my sewing machine, iron, board and all the other much needed accessories and did my sewing outdoors today.  LOVED IT.  Definitely going to do it again soon.  It was pretty warm but I do love the sun and my garden.  
Hope you all had a fun sewing day,  K


  1. What great blocks! I love your garden!

  2. I truly love your blocks. Another in my growing list of things to do! At least you are providing me with wonderful inspiration!