Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fun Day

          Yeah it's Friday, I have a day off and I'm gonna get the yucky chores out of the way, (smog check on the car, but I  HAVE to wash it first), work on my Underground Railroad mini, some FMQ and enjoy some sunshine. In that order!

          I decided there is not enough contrast in my fabric so I changed over to this

          Some of the prints are unusual and I would never pick them but in the mini they will look good and since there is no repeats it will, be very scrappy.  

           Now I need to figure out what to do with the blocks I made in the 1930's print.  Any suggestions?  They are 3.5" square and are supposed to have sashing and corner stones in between.   I still have a bunch prepped so I can make more and there was 4 pieces of each color in the charm pack so I have some options...Just don't know what they are at the moment.

   Back to the machine....Happy Sewing, K

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Laptop Sleeve, a Finish

One more off my to list.....laptop sleeve , check!

I used my Joel Dewberry fabrics from Intrepid Thread and cut up some random strips. Pieced them together with some leftovers from my mini Scrappy Trip Along and quilted with straight lines.

  I cut it to size, added a flap, then lined it with  flannel.

The back with straight line quilting.

Boxing the corners, I used sharpie to mark it...

I had 1 strip at the bottom that I wanted to ensure it landed at the fold, so I marked it with my new Bohin, ceramic chalk pencil.

 Ta Da!!!!
 The finished sleeve!!!   I love how it looks with it's boxed corners, snug fit (on the verge of too snug, but it's gonna stretch, I keep telling myself!) and a very cheery look to brighten my day at work!!

 Here is a picture of Tyson my daughters cat cozying up to the improv rug I made for Christmas. I love his fuzzy belly!!  Yes same fabric....that fat quarter bundle goes a long way and I'm STILL in love with it.

Off to sew a bit, took a vacation day! Yeah, happy sewing, K

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Road to California Quilt Show

This weekend I was able to go to the quilt show and do a bit of shopping. I try to go every year at least to shop and see the quilts on display. There is every category of quilts on display, I have a couple shown here. I was amazed at he number of 3/4 inch hexagons it took to make this quilt. The horses were hand painted and then stitched, it was one of the winners. The sea tunnel was spectacular in person and looked just like a painting, it has over 250 different fabrics in it.

I tried to behave myself with the shopping and only got a couple zen tangle books, a charm pack of 50 lights and 50 darks all one of a kind with some extra light for sashing, a new 1/4 edge stitching foot (I am in LOVE) and a few other gadgets. I did get to see Eleanor Burns in person which was cool. I don't really go for that kind if quilting but she has really good tips and techniques. She was very nice and quite funny!

I wrote this on my iPad so my pictures are going to be out of line.....sorry.

I did get some sewing done today and finished my laptop sleeve, it's drying now so no picture and some piecing with my new foot. How did I ever live without it I don't know?!

Now I gotta get some laundry done, starting a new job assignment tomorrow! Need clean clothes!
Happy Sewing, K

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