Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week of Wonderful

I have had a lovely week relaxing and catching up on all my blog reading, WIP's and some cleaning(ugh).

Let's get this list of WIP's on the table....
  • Lunch bag, ordered extra fabric for the lining. Ready to sew.
  • Hexie quilt- made a few more blocks.  I'm happy I got some done. Still my largest WIP.
Things to get started on
  •  Sunnyside chevron quilt for Michelle.
  • Pouch swap- bought a circle punch to make some 1" clamshells.  If you missed this round there is a wait list for the next one.  Super fun!
  • Rag rugs, I am in desperate need of new floor rugs in the kitchen and this has been on my want list for quite a while.

Oh and I started a rag rug with this cool tool I picked up at the Quilt Show.  Here is the beginning picture.  I love how I can use up some fabric that I am never going to use again.  It is a juvenile print but when sewed up all you get is a nice color story.  Love it so far.  

Here is some of the stuff I picked up at the quilt show....patterns


And some tools...

That's it for now....happy sewing, K

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Have Survived!!!!

OMG, I'm done with inventory!!!!  So, so glad it's over.  Now I have a week to catch up on my rest, sewing, housework, gardening,  TV watching etc.  I may even get to it all.  Gonna have to make a list.  Oh yeah and start making my New Years resolutions.....
So I had a bit of sewing time yesterday and worked on my EPP.   I need to get a bunch prepped so I can start taking them to work again since I will have time to take a whole hour lunch instead of eating at my desk.  May need to be one of those resolutions.  

I am also working on a 1" postage stamp lunch bag made with Chez Moi, Mimi.  Love, love these colors! I ran out of fabric for the inside and straps, have some on order....  I have some laminate that you iron on for the inside to keep it clean, has anyone ever tried that?   Hoping it works out.  One more of my resolutions is to take lunch a couple times a week.  I never take lunch, always eat out.  Always make dinner and rarley go out.  

Then I need to start another chevron Sunnyside quilt for my younger daughter, gonna be a busy week.  

I also joined a EPP pouch swap, you can find info on flicker...

Oh and one last thing!!!  Super important, it's The Road to California Quilt Show this week and I will go Friday/ Saturday to check it out.  Anyone else going to be there??

Happy Sewing, K