Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hexie Sewing Case


     With my new love of EPP my little Hexie's needed a take along bag.  So out came the graph paper, the sharpies and I went to town.....I knew I wanted a place for my paper pieces, finished hexies, thread,  pins, needles, thread heaven, thimble, seam ripper, the WIP and some extra fabric.

  Yikes that is a lot of stuff to squish into a small bag!!!!! 

      Oh yeah, I need my scissors too!  Can't live without those babies!  I also wanted it to zip, not tie closed, so my stuff would not fall out. Those scissors and thimble cost a pretty penny!

Here is a pic of my drawings....a bit messy.....I had lots of ideas, the finished item doesn't even look like this.

Inside.  I made a clear pocket so I could see my paper pieces and finished ones too!!  So happy with how the zipper came out.  Somehow when I measured, I decided I needed at least a 27 inch zipper.  I bought this 30 inch separating zipper which worked perfect.

My scissors are on a ribbon so I don't lose them if they fall out of the bag. I had to reinforce the pouch with craft pellon so my tips will not cut through the bag.....hoping this works!!

I have never made a tutorial or a pattern but I would try.  What do you think? Anyone interested??

Like my thimble? I picked it up at the Road to California Quilt Show a couple years ago.  Hand made sterling silver.  Love it!!!
Here is the finished case
I would love to hear any ideas or see what you use to tote your hexies around town....

     My next UFO project to work on is this mini quilt.  I have the top all done and now need some ideas on how best to quilt it.  It does have  A LOT of seams to go through and I am already worrying about the needle breakage I am going to have.  Any suggestions??   Each triangle set was 3/4 unfinished thangles.  I still haven't pulled off all the bits of papers on the back.  I guess I have been intimidated and that is the reason it is sitting around.....

Off to decorate the Christmas tree.  Happy Sewing, K

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