Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pencil Cases

Sunday Sewing.....Pencil Cases             

I know lots of kids are getting out of school right now, but summer session for my college baby is just starting.   She was admiring a charm pack of Noteworthy that I have been saving and said she would love to have something in these fabrics.   So ta-da a new pencil case is born.   I had this chunky long zipper and was able to unzip it and get in nice and close to topstitch the edges (with my walking foot).  With a regular zipper there would be no way to get in close enough.  She loves it and that's all that counts anyway....
I had to piece the charms, a rollie pollie would have been perfect to just cut the strips to the right width.
I used Kona solid light grey for the lining and a thin fusible fleece for the batting.   Perfect weight for the bag.
 Love these Noteworthy fabrics.

She doesn't use crayons anymore but they look good in the bag!!!

 Case number 2, bad photo...its actually too sunny today....

Off to sew up a new top, before going back to work......

Happy Sewing, K