Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just About Finished

I am very pleased with my progress this week, my 2 mini quilts are all stitched up, FMQ and have the binding on!! 
 I do need to actually hand stitch it down on the back.   I am going to hang them on each side of the TV in the living room.  Right now there is big blank spaces that have always needed something.  

I used neutral and brown for the borders of each to give them some unity and my walls are green so they are going to stand out nicely.  
I put corner pockets on all 4 corners so I have hanging options in case it looks better portrait landscape.

A little bit of FMQ
 in the borders with Leah Day's Paisley pattern.

The back

Now to go get that binding sewn down....Happy Sewing, K

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Working on my hand quilting, amazingly it is much faster than I imagined.  I have started with going around the appliqué and have finished 2.5 of the 7 blocks.  Now you have to see one of the panels, it really can not be considered a block as it goes across the whole top.  I started this in 2009 according to my computer when I scanned the pattern for printing on freezer paper.  Took me quite a while to make all the pieces and then get them sewn onto the background.  I am pretty proud of the fact that I am as far into it as I am. There are bits of space between the flowers that are going to need some kind of quilting as I want to push the flowers forward.  Any suggestions?

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Beth at Plum & June challenged readers to talk about their photos of fabric this week.
I primarily take my photos with my iPhone and edit them before posting.  If not, I use a Sony cyber shot ?? And edit in Lightroom.  That is the standard program on my old desktop that my daughter used.  I have gotten much better at the Lightroom but usually opt for the quick photo.  Here are a couple I took today on my current project.   BTW I just got this cool new ap to post my blog from my IPAD.  I used to just use blogger but had issues loading photos so I would switch back and forth to the blogger ap.  This new ap is called Blog Touch and it works great so far....these are both edited. 

  Things I could have done better? Taken them outside for some natural sunlight or opened the blinds.    I have the house closed up because it so hot right now.  I should have cropped the bottom one more.  I definitely could take a lot more photos and find the best to post.  I'm too impatient.

One persons who's fabric photos I always admire is Red Pepper Quilts.   The fabric is always in the same format and always looks so crisp in the picture.  I will aim for that next week.

New IPAD Blog Touch App. LOVE IT!!!!

Hello To My Quilty Friends
I have just this minute Purchased a new app for blogging on my IPAD.    It looks like it has lots of fontchoices, bold, italics, underline, and strike thru. Yeah I could never figure that one out.      I have font choices, I can change font color, oh so much fun. Font sizing is super easy too...
It has centering buttons here
Here  and 
Not sure what this one is going to looks like it is supposed to justify but I'm not getting the correct look here.

You can insert YouTube or Vimeo videos 
or photos right from your camera roll. Which doesn't work good on and the iPad.  Super easy here.
 And you can resize and reposition.  Woohoo this is great!!!!

I will be quilting this baby today.  This is a unique font choice.  It posts font above or below the current line of text...
 You  can
Add a   table 
  1.  And customize its size.
  • Bullets can be numbered or bullets
  • Super cool.
You can make a tabbed list
Like this
And this
Nice feature

You can use the lightening bolt to do ??
or this cool 
It has a forward and back button  and a HTML button that you can toggle back and forth to your page.the is a link button also, so I will add one here.  This is the pattern I am quilting in the borders of this mini quilt. 
This is my oopsie block that I had to pick out and reposition.  And a pretty cool feature is you can copy and paste the entire post.  I just did that because I wrote my entire post in the pages instead of the posts section of the blog.  Now I can go back and delete the page.

You can even see all your comments or lack of while you are viewing each page and write back.  I will definitely recommend the app for $4.99 totally worth it.  Off to go sew, Happy Sunday, K