Sunday, August 25, 2013


Beth at Plum & June challenged readers to talk about their photos of fabric this week.
I primarily take my photos with my iPhone and edit them before posting.  If not, I use a Sony cyber shot ?? And edit in Lightroom.  That is the standard program on my old desktop that my daughter used.  I have gotten much better at the Lightroom but usually opt for the quick photo.  Here are a couple I took today on my current project.   BTW I just got this cool new ap to post my blog from my IPAD.  I used to just use blogger but had issues loading photos so I would switch back and forth to the blogger ap.  This new ap is called Blog Touch and it works great so far....these are both edited. 

  Things I could have done better? Taken them outside for some natural sunlight or opened the blinds.    I have the house closed up because it so hot right now.  I should have cropped the bottom one more.  I definitely could take a lot more photos and find the best to post.  I'm too impatient.

One persons who's fabric photos I always admire is Red Pepper Quilts.   The fabric is always in the same format and always looks so crisp in the picture.  I will aim for that next week.


  1. that's some beautiful quilting in the borders! looks like hand, right? you're right about the natural light helping - it does wonders. but the heat . . . =) like good quilting, photography takes patience most of the time.

    1. Thanks, Hydeeann. It is machine FMQ, it was the first time I tried this pattern and my stitches are a bit long, but I'm happy with it. The pattern is Leah Day's paisley, I love looking at her patterns for inspiration.

  2. I am always in a hurry to get pics in my posts and get the thing published. You are sew right about the natural light. It sure makes a big difference. Your FMQ is looking good!

  3. I use Lightroom as my main photo processing program but have never tried Blog Touch. Thanks for the tip. Your quilting shows up beautifully and looks great!

  4. Beautiful quilting! I have wondered about posting from my iPad. Thanks for the idea! I will have to try it.