Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Postage Stamp Block Swap

love these blocks on the Postage Stamp Block Swap by zaynoo1

Hi Quilty Friends,
I just signed up for a postage stamp block swap on Flickr.

  I started our with Get Your Hex On and I like it so much I went surfing for another fun group to join.  This is an open group and anyone can join in and you can jump in or out of the group on a month to month basis.  Perfect for busy people like all of us!!!  Check out the link here to see the is my first ones...

Off to start pulling my scraps and cutting!  Happy Sewing, Ke

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Sewing

I get to play today!!!!

      I am working on my Underground Railroad mini quilt by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings. Here are some piles of HST's made and 1 inch 2 blocks making their way into 4 patches.

       A tip on cutting up these 1 inch strips and keeping them in place....I starch the charm squares and press them right sides together,  they will stick to each other. (That is Lisa's trick).

       I cut the charms into the 1 inch strips and sew them with my 1/4 inch foot ( love that baby!), the last piece turns into 2 HST which I use the printable free paper pieces to sew up like thangles.

       So back to the tip..... I line them up flat on my cutting board and tape them down on both ends with painters tape. This keeps them in place while I cut the 1 inch pieces. I have tried just cutting them but thye wiggle all over and I need them to be precise. This is a huge time saver!!

I tried them in this color way but the contrast is not enough for the pattern to stand out on all of them.  Pincushions here we come.  Anyone have tips on what to fill pincushions with??

Mini quilt made with Lisa's 50 dark, 50 light charm pack.  
Off to play, Happy Sewing, K

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunny Sunday

A nice sunny Sunday in southern Ca today. Just warm enough for a little yard work, (maybe) and some stitching time to myself.

Free time is going to be a precious commodity in the next 3-4 months since I am going to have to pick up some extra dear husband broke his ankle pretty badly on Friday and is going to need surgery (once the swelling goes down). He was doing his favorite hobby, skydiving and landed in a too soft sandy field. So I'm pretty sure I will learn to appreciate all the little things he does around the house, like doing all the dishes, his own laundry (not going to happen with crutches up the stairs), making the bed everyday, and countless other stuff I take for granted.

So I am going to go soak up some sun and enjoy the day while he is resting.....

Happy Sewing, K

This one is next on the cutting board!