Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Yep it's that time again and I am still working on the same old stuff.......what's a girl to do?

Make more WIPs or keep going on the same ones?

 Or do I stay up all night  and finish the ones that are started, so I would have a reason to start something new?

  I told myself this year I would use up my stash and not make so many UFO 's.  I have sorta stuck to my plan....I only bought fabric for my Get Your Hex On quilting bee and one oops because I thought it would be a good coordinate for the other fabric turns out Avignon does not match Polka Dot Stitches AT all!!!   Oh and one charm pack of noteworthy, again I thought it would have some good blenders to match Hex quilt.    So that plan is on track.....and I haven't stated any ore UFO's.   so that goal is on track.

But this makes blogging pretty boring, right?  So what's a girl to do???? send me some suggestions!!!!  I need some inspiration!!

I did join the Postage Stamp Swap and am just about ready to send the blocks.  They are due out tomorrow.  So that completed one goal of using up some stash.....

Well I caved and bought some insul-bright.   I am going to make up some oven mitts for my daughter...and I didn't buy any new fabric!!!

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with swaps. They are a great way to inspire (and complete) small projects!