Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To Turn Off Word Cerification

         Have you ever typed up a comment on someone's blog and hit submit and oh no the word verification is on??.

        I have such a hard time figuring out the letter/ number combination that if it doesn't go through on the first or second try I just give up and that great blogger nevers hears my sweet words of appreciation for sharing their project.

         Erin has a great step by step tip on how to turn that pesky thing off !!!  Yeah thanks Erin!!!   Click the link below to see her great tip and many others on her blog.  While you are turning that off you can also check to see if you are a no reply blogger.  Easy to fix but when you first start a blog these things are enabled and you never even knew you had them until some nice person made a tip on how to turn it off.

Erin @sew at home mummy

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend!!!! Happy Sewing, K

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