Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quickie Hanger for Mini Quilt

Dog days of Summer

I made a butterfly quilt for my daughter and she wants to hang it up and because it has scalloped edges I didn't add a  hanging sleeve.  So necessity is the mother of is my invention, inpromptu hanger.  In my example I am using a skewer (Mel will totally get this), a needle, thread and some picture hangers.

Lay your skewer on the back where you want it and whip stitch into place.  

Make your stitches snug and don't go through the front.  You can just do this in a few places along the way or go the whole length...your choice.

Tie off at the end and use a picture hanger with a hook, to hang from wall.

 As you can see my stitches are not even or neat but no one will never know.    Put your skewer closer to the top than I did so the top doesn't flop down...
 2 kinds of picture hangers....for a larger quilt you may want to use 2 on the wall, one at each end, making sure they are relatively level.  For this mug rug one will do it.

Ta Da you have a hanger to hang the beautiful butterfly quilt your mom made for you!!!

Kitty loves to sit in/on your purse....

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  1. What lovely scalloped edges on your wallhanging! Thank you for linking up and for sharing your hanging skewer process. Sometimes making it up as you go is the best!

    Um, are we still quilty confessing? Because I'm so sure that I do "bad" FMQ that I don't do it. I wimp out and use my walking foot, every time. :)