Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Sewing

      Today I am going to work on my EPP hexagon blocks for my Candied Hexagon Quilt.  Here are some of the most recent blocks....I'm trying to really stretch my imagination with the piecing so that I will have lots of one of a kind blocks mixed in with the simpler styles.   They do take a lot longer to sew up.  Like 3-5 hours to cut, baste and sew.  Rip and sew again in some cases.  Crooked corners makes me crazy and I have to rip it out. Ugh!!  My goal is to do 5 a week.  I only got 3 done this week.  It's ok, I have vacation at the end of the month and I can catch up!!

The colors look a little odd in this one?  I assure you it looks good in person!!
I have been doing quite a bit of fussy cutting to pull the secondary prints out to add more variety to the total look. The mini flower print is an accent from this fabric.  All of these pinks were secondary prints from the circles from the fabric above in the pink colorway.
This one has a bit of bleeding from my printed triangle paper but it will come out when I wash it.... It also has LOTS of starch.  lol it was pretty wonky after all the bending and sewing and ripping....these little1/2" triangles were a challenge.

When I am done I am going to make these super cute and fast fabric baskets that I saw today on Pink Penguin's Blog.  Just what I need to organize my sewing space and practice my FMQing.  Yeah.   Happy Sewing, K


  1. i don't think i've ever seen such intricately pieced hexies! they're stunning. nice to get acquainted on a monday, no? =)

  2. What cute little blocks! :) And those baskets... ah! Cuteness overload! I love Pink Penguin :)