Monday, February 11, 2013

Great Tip

This is my Hexie pile up, in the progress off getting them sew together and quilted!  

While doing a bit of browsing I came across this great tip.  GREAT TIP.

As a blog follower I love to write a quick note to show appreciation of other's quilts and projects, however, after I have got my text in, spelled correctly( most of the time : )), I get the word verification box.  Most the time I can not see it well enough to get it right and can't leave the message.  VERY frustrating!  Then I realized I had it too!  It was an auto function on blogger.  So I promptly turned it off and I NEVER get spam mail.    Any one else have this problem?  If so there is a great tip with step by step instructions to turn it off.

Happy Blogging, K

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