Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fun Day

          It's been a busy week around here!  I have been cutting up bits of paper, coloring bits of paper and more cutting of bits of fabric....  This is what I've been up to.  Trying to figure out my blocks for the "Get Your Hex On" Bee Quilt.

  My inspiration is the fabulous quilt by  Broderie   called "Candied hexagons",  I Love, Love, Love this look.  Check out her blog, her work is AMAZING!!!

          I am using fabrics designed by Lori Holt for Riley Blake called Polk A Dot Stitches.   Sew cute!    I picked it up on line from Crazy Quilt Girl Fabrics. Great service and same day shipping, Wow!

          In my first attempt I cut out pieces from freezer paper that I had run through the printer.  As it turned out some of the pieces were off by a millimeter which made the corners not match up in the end.  Lots of ripping of those teeny hand stitches which is really quite a bummer, but I got it together in the end.

           Had to remake a few pieces.  I love how the first block turned out.  I probably should have started with an easy one first.  : )
These are about 3 inches wide.   
Each triangle is 1 inch.....

What do you think??  Still looking for more hexagon ideas!

Happy sewing, K


  1. What a fun project! Love your new design.

  2. I love it but it is crazy. Don't get me wrong, I mean crazy in a good way. Love it. I can see that it is a challenge though. Good luck coming up with new ideas.

  3. God bless you, working with those tiny pieces...It is going to be lovely

  4. What an inspirational quilt! I like your choice of fabrics a lot, and look forward to seeing your hexagon progress :)

  5. Love the hexagons. Have you seen this blog?
    She creates lots of hexagons and shows you how as well.

    1. Thanks so much!! This is an awesome site. I just put in an order from on Sunday. Too bad my Hexies are 2", but I love the ideas and will definitely use them in my piece.