Sunday, March 2, 2014

My New Quilted Lunch Bag

I finished this lunch bag in February.  I used a charm pack of Chez Moi Mimi  and some of the floral print yardage for the lining.
I started with the dimensions of my plastic storage that I picked up at Target.  It's pretty functional,  large box with ice pack and 2 smaller 1 cup containers.  I needed some extra space too for a can of soda so I designed it a bit roomy.  
I used a double layer of insulbrite throughout the body, bottom and flap of the bag.  It's quilted using a walking foot and a wavy stitch setting on my machine.  I quilted on every line of the 1" postage squares.  (finished size).  For the interior I found a vinyl iron on product to laminate the fabric so clean up would be easy.   I added a strap across the back so it slips onto my rolling briefcase that I use for work as my hands are often full with other stuff when going into my stores.  It has a shoulder strap too.  

What I have discovered:
  • Insulbrite works great, if you have the right size cold pack and can keep cold all day.   My cold pack is kinda small and keeps cold well until lunch time.  Leftovers must go in the fridge.
  • Vinyl laminate is really easy to iron on and cleans up wonderfully.
  • French seams were used on the inside seams of the box with tiny stitches which prevents leaking.   I filed it with water for a minute and it didn't pour out.  So no embarrassing leaks in front of my coworkers.
  • Shoulder strap needs to be repositioned, when the bag is heavy it tends to open. 
  • Velcro closure keeps the bag sealed well and holds the cold in.  Probably would work with a hot lunch too.
Overall a pretty good lunch bag and lots of people think it's cute and asked where I got it.  Made by me of course!!!
I didn't take pictures as I sewed so here it is all finished!!

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  1. What a fabulous lunch bag! Nice to see something so original.