Sunday, February 2, 2014

EPP Progress and Clamshell How To

I joined a cool little pouch swap and one of the requirements was in had to be 50% EPP.   This is great because I love EPP!  

So I peruse the interweb for ideas, look over my partners mosaic and decide I want to do clamshells.   I find a lovely picture of some and am instantly inspired.  Molly Flanders Pinterest.  see her tutorial here.    

First off I need some papers. I want 1 inch.

 Nope... not found on the web unless I want to get them from down under.  Too long of a wait.  

 Ok how to make my own??  Searching......ok her we go. 

 Grid paper?  Check
 Compas?  Check.   Uh oh this sucks!
 Ok what next? Paper punch?  Go dig it out....oops don't have to store!  Ok got it!!  
 Punch on 1/2 grid lines, snip off corners.    

 PERFECT paper clamshells.  Well..... not exactly perfect but they are working quite well!
Basting went fairly quick as I used a Gluestick and stylus to tuck in the seam allowances.  

Here is one layout style.

Sewing them is a bit of a challenge.   There are lots of blogs and Vidieos to help you along.  This is what I chose.....

First you line up a row and whip stitch the side corners together.  I did this for all the rows.  Then I laid them on top of each other and used Roxanne's glue baste to stick them all together into 1 piece.  Then I used an appliqué stitch to sew them all together, pulling out the papers as they got in my way.  

At this point I prepped my fabric for the bag using my new Bohin 3 in 1 chalk pencil to draw my pattern onto my fabric.  I then position my patch of clams onto this once again using glue baste to adhere for sewing.  I did an unusual pattern with full circles for the bottom of the bag as you can see in the picture so that all the clams are going up when the bag is complete.   

This is as far as I got with late night sewing.  Changed the color order, I like this better.   Just about done with the appliqué process.....Gotta go figure out how to make the sides go together.   Hopefully it's going to wrap around and line up!!  Because I said so 😀
Happy Sunday Sewing, K

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