Sunday, November 10, 2013

"In Hand" EPP Party 2

Well this seems like a fun little party to join over at Splish, Splash, Stash!!  I love my EPP and sharing it on my blog, but for some it can be a bit boring seeing the same thing over and over again, when really I am so excited about sharing the 1 block that I worked on for hours!!   I am always drawn to the complex, I don't know why, things may start simple but I just like adding more.   I have been slowly working on my EPP quilt that is a version of Broderie's Candied Hexagons that I found on flicker.  Here are some pictures.... They started out simple like this...

Then started to get more complex....

And  this pink and grey one has been getting pinned like crazy on Pinterest even one  pin by Lori Holt. This is her fabric line that I am using.  Really weird because I am just a small time blogger doing this to amuse myself and keep focused on my art while working a very demanding job in retail.  My therapy as it were. 
 This one has a bit of bleeding from the printed lines on the template but it will wash out on the final quilt.  

This is the current WIP.....I started using glue stick to fold over the edges but that not be good for long term projects.  We will see.  
You can see all my blocks on my Flickr page. Here.

Off to go work on my Christmas present list, happy sewing, K


  1. Wow ! Those hexies are fabulous! can you tell me the final size of the hexagon ?

  2. I love your hexies. Once I finish my current EPP project I think I would be into making some pieced hexies similar to yours.

  3. I knew you had some good stuff going! It's great to see some of the individual blocks. You're right about them getting complex. They're amazing!
    I feel the same way about my EPP and posting it. Its fun for me, but maybe not so interesting for others since I'm using just one block style and all the same fabrics. You, however have lots if variety going here. Love it! Thanks for linking up with In Hand.

  4. You have some gorgeous hexies and rather tiny piecing there!

  5. I think I remember making a few of these for you :) This is going to be a fabulous quilt!

  6. I love to see the complex blocks. I have left the more difficult ones for the end, when I feel more comfortable doing them. I am doing easy ones first.

  7. This is amazing! I love the different variations on the hexagon you are creating. The colors are super fun too!