Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Machine

I never hear anyone say they have Husgvarna- Viking sewing machines.....I have to say I Love my machine.  I have a Saphire 870 and a Mega Quilter that are the best!

This is the spec's and I'm pretty sure I have used all of these features and lots of the 163 stitches.   I love that you can just touch the button for the fabric type and it adjusts the tension perfectly!

Sapphire 870 Quilt
  • Large Graphic Display
  • 163 stitches
  • Pattern re-start and mirror image end to end function
  • 5 alphabets
  • Selective Thread Cutter
  • 20 permanent memories
  • Start/Stop sewing without foot control
  • Electronic Self adjusting Thread Tension
 My mega quilter doesn't get at much use as it should but it has tons of features.  I think the reason is it is in my craft room and I prefer to sew in the kitchen.  Just last night my husband said you don't spend any time in there and I replied I like it better downstairs.  I did offer to trade rooms and take over the family room bite on that one yet : ).  One of the really cool things is it goes FAST and it has a screw on 1/4 inch guide so you can do strip sets super fast and accurate.

My frame is slightly different than this one, it has a pantograph shelf, which I have taken off and does not have the utility shelf underneath. I store my big tubs a fabric underneath and that doesn't get in the way of sewing. I  also added blocks under the legs, because I like to sit on the edge of a stool and FMQ.  


    Features and Benefits

     Mega Quilter

    • Sews 1,600 stitches per minute.
    • Extra large working area 9" x 6".
    • Ergonomically designed especially for quilters.
    • Perfect stitches on every fabric thickness thanks to automatic stitch control, thread pre-tension adjustment and adjustable presser foot pressure.
    • The knee lift function lets you keep your hands on your project.
    • Automatic thread cutting with the touch of a button.
    • Industrial full rotary hook system.
    • Electronic speed control for stitch by stitch control and full piercing power at any speed.
    • Quiet, smooth sewing without vibration.
    • Simultaneous bobbin winding while sewing with the separate bobbin winding motor.
    • Built-in sewing ruler in inches and metric.
    • Easily selected sewing speed with the speed control slider.
    • Easy reverse thanks to the large reverse lever.
    • Needle threader.
    • Adjustable stitch length up to 6 mm.
    • Needle Up/Down button.
    • Standard accessories for sewing and quilting included.
    • Optional accessories for specialty sewing and quilting techniques available.

    • Unique utility shelf for additional storage.
    • Multiple Sizes: 60"/120".
    • Smooth, SEAMLESS tracking
    • Engineered for vibration-free quilting
    • Patented Fabri-FastT fabric attachment system
    • Reversible ratchet system for easy quilt advancement and tension control.
    • Bungee Clamps for quick and effective side tension (set of four).
    • Easy step-by-step assembly (DVD included).
    • Leveling feet with 1 �" adjustment.
    • Engineered specifically for quilting - no "off-the-shelf" parts
    • Attachment provided for additional light source.

    So what kind of machine do you use and what is your favorite feature?  

This quilt was done on the frame and took just a few hours to do all the micro stippling.  I love the way the flowers stand out!


  1. I have a 875 quilt Sapphire, I LOVE IT, I also have a Emerald 118(I think) LOL, love that too, also I have a BabyLock(Audrey), love that too, you have a couple of great machines here, enjoy

  2. Most of the quilters I know have a Husqvarna-Viking, but on the other hand I live in Sweden :) I too have the Mega Quilter with frame. My small machine is a Husqvarna-Viking Interlude 445, but I've been thinking for ages that I should get a Sapphire instead.
    Kristin in Sweden

  3. My mom handed her Viking down to me. It's an older model - Daisy - but she still sews like a dream!
    -Pamelyn of