Sunday, June 23, 2013

Make Your Own Gluestick

          I was checking out some EPP video on the web and they were using a glue stick instead on basting with needle and thread.  Since I still need to make about 60 more 2" pieced hexies I figured ok let's try it.....well I have no glue stick and I am in my pj's still sooooo, I found a site that has directions!! 

Guess what it was??   A one tbs cornstarch to one cup of water ratio boiled up into a paste.     Clean out an old Gluestick and TA DA you have a non toxic glue stick.  There is a little more steps but you get the idea.

This was May 4th....

Here it is today....

I think I have 5 rows of 12 left to do....

You can see all my blocks here on Flickr.

And here are the piles of pieces I prepped with my new glue....I did use a jar and paintbrush as the 
"Stick" needed to set up for several hours.  On the original recipie  it said to use 5 tbs cornstarch and 5 cups of water. That is A LOT of glue.  I did one cup and have enought to last months....

So back to my sewing, have a great week! K


  1. Wow - I haven't tried gluing instead of basting. Sounds like a great idea.

    1. So far I like it, we will see when I have to take them out. Lol. Thanks for stopping by....

  2. Howdy - this post is so fortuitous - I have just ordered EPP papers for the first time. Gluing sounds better than basting! I'm stopping over from Heart of Charnwood.

    1. You are going to fall in LOVE with EPP!!!! It's so addicting, I made a 3/4 Hexie bag with flirt and love it so much. I keep my makeup/ stuff in it in my purse so I use it daily. Thanks for stopping by. I have a quick tutorial for basting triangles on my blog too,

  3. wow what an awesome hexie work!

  4. Wow! I love your hexies! They are so cool!!!

  5. I so love your EPP, I can't wait to start my next big project, and what a fab tip with the cornstarch glue-thx. Thank you for linking up :o)