Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adding to the UFO List.....I thought it was Done!

          It's been a busy week but, I did get some sewing in on my Santa wall hanging.  Just about done with the FMQ and on to binding.  I did a holly leaf design in the outside border that I found inspiration from the Free Motion Quilting Project " prickly holly".  I did it in more of a vine pattern with the holly branching off from it.  I will say those leaves were a bit hard but by the time I got around the the whole border it looked pretty good.  You can see on the bottom right that I have not stitched down the binding.It will be 1/4 inch.   

 Can't forget Reindeer need red button noses, well one gets red, there is only 1 Rudolf!!

     Now on to the UFO's....not that I want to add to them but BUT, I have this little wall hanging that I finished a couple of years ago and I REALLY love it but, was not great at FMQing, I never put anything in the sashing or borders.   Here are pictures.....I would love to hear some ideas for around the flowers and borders.  Do I treat the 2 white and 1 color as all one border or do I quilt each strip with it's own pattern?  The colored borders around the flower vases are empty also, it's just asking for more.....


I just did stippling around all the flowers and stitch in the ditch everywhere else....

This is my favorite block, I love the vase fabric...It was a fat quarter from Joann's I think and I horded the scraps...

So now that the Santa quilt is out of the machine I am ready to do some FMQing to this previously finished quilt.  Love to hear your comments.....Kristin


  1. In the white borders I think I'd do stippling and something more open and airy for the colored strips. That way the strips will stand out. Really nice job.

  2. Love this little wall hanging. I like your stippling around all the flowers. If it were mine, I think a different design in each of the color frames would be a great complement to the white stippling, maybe some paisley designs or even simple S-curves, or half feather using the seam of the frame piece as your "spine". Lots of things you can do with these and they will be gorgeous when you finish!

  3. Love your blocks - and like you, I love that vase material. I'm still lazy with sashing and borders, so hopefully someone else will give you good advice.