Sunday, January 5, 2014

My New Year and Resolutions

They just can't start yet!   My life revolves around the fiscal calander at work.  I have worked in retail for 27 years and the new year starts in February.  

Several years ago my niece asked what my new year resolution was?  I said I don't know the year is not over, I still have to get through January, inventory, get spring started, have a little vacation then I can think about it.   A bit mind boggling but she gets it now.

 Well I'm fully into inventory right now.....super stressful, intense and never enough time to be prepared as much as I want them to be.  I have survived at least 50 of them so I'm sure it will be fine but in the thick of things not much time for resolutions or sewing. Oh yeah as an operations manager I'm in charge of 3, $45 million dollar stores.  That all take inventory on the same day! 

I have been reading lots of other peoples resolutions so I'm going to have lots of inspiration to make my own on February 1st.  

I did finish 1 major project this year which was the Sunnyside quilt my daughter wanted for Christmas.  

My youngest was going to make a pillow to go with it from the scraps, well that turned into a king sized pillow sham!!  Super cute but we missed getting to the post office that day to get it it the mail.  
It is well loved already!! Two happy boys are shaing right now on the bed.  

That's it for now, happy sewing, K

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  1. Love your Sunnyside quilt, Kristin! Hope you make it through the inventory unscathed!