Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunny Sunday Sewing on the Go??

Looking out the window and it's a beautiful sunny day in California !   My flowers are all blooming or going to bloom very soon.   The outdoors is calling me....please come outside!   So I will take my hand stitching poolside and enjoy a day in the sun.
Lantana in wild abandon

I have contemplated taking my sewing machine outdoors...have you ever heard of anyone doing so?  I don't have a patio cover, just an umbrella or an easy up but that takes a bit of help to put up..funny since its called an "easy up".   I once read that Pokey Bolton likes to take her machine out onto the porch in warm weather....

My only issue is running back inside every time I remember I need the seam ripper or the other seam ripper or a different thread....I already do this when I need to run upstairs for some notion or another.

 Scarlet Trumpet Vine....I never thought it would take to the dry, dry rocky soil......

Are you an outdoor lover too and do you create outside?  Love to hear your comments.....

 The first Hibiscus....they take a while to start blooming, but will bloom all summer long....

 Raised vegetable beds to keep the bunnies at bay.  Tomato sprouts and a lone zucchini plant.
Giant Bird of Paradise.  Not sure if this is the real name...

 Peek of the pool, hillside view

Off to sew away the day, K

Update, here's the blocks I finished today while enjoying the garden....

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  1. What a beautiful garden! I have a friend who sews on the porch of her cottage... I think with a little organizing it can be done.

  2. Such sweet hexies. I think sewing outdoors in the Summer would be lovely :)

  3. You should totally take your machine outside!! Just take everything you think you might need outside with you in a cute basket. Oh and you will need a nice cold, fruity drink, and some music...ahhhh! Thanks for linking up with Let's Get Acquainted today!!

    1. I agree a nice fruity drink goes well with my project in the sun. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Oh my gosh I'm in love with your hexies, and i just saw the other hexie post too - you have a few more to make lol! Perhaps you could make a mat for your machine to sit on for your outside table that drapes over the table and has pockets for all your bits and bobs? There have been a few popping up in blogland. Visiting from lets get acquainted. :o)

    1. Karen, that's a good idea to have a mat with pockets to hold all that stuff and then when I go back in they will still be organized and ready to keep going!

  5. The garden certainly does look inviting. I admire anyone who makes hexies or does EPP . They look great.