Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Little Organization Needed-found more UFO's

     So I decided I needed to organize my craft room after seeing some posts on sewing rooms and some Pinterest browsing.    The one thing I love about my craft room is I put all my favorite things in there to display that most people put away and only bring the out at the specific holiday time.

       I keep. my snowman collection on a shelving section along with their Santa friends.  I pin up my sewing maching stitch sampler so I can look at it when I need a fancy stitch.  I post up drawings from my kids when they were little.  My Halloween get the idea.  So it looks a bit cluttered, but I worked so hard on some of theses and to box them up all year is not appealing to me.

      Now I really spend most of my time sewing downstairs at the kitchen table so I don't spend a ton of time in there so I don't get tired of seeing my snowmen.  The other space hog is my inspiration quilting frame and Viking machine.  I will have to admit that I did not use it at all this last year.  (I was assigned an extra assignment to cover for a coworker that was going to be on leave for 6 weeks that turned into over a year and just never had enough time/energy to start a project).

      I also have a twin bed for when my daughter comes to stay.  She only comes once or twice a year and I can not figure out a way to hide that bed anywhere else in the house.    I would love some ideas on this one.  I might move the quilting cram forward so I can stand the bed behind it sideways.  Then I can add some table space.

     That was rather long winded to get to my UFO in my cleaning I found my snowman quilt that needs to be quilted and have all the buttons sewn on.  I think over 100 buttons.

The makings of a valentine wall hanging that is a very cute panel with a pieced border.

A felt pillow to be hand sewn, along with a felt table topper.

A painted plate that just needs the vines and final details painted and varnished.  Didn't find the pattern that goes with it yet.

2 lap quilts that need batting and backings.

Many punch needle projects that need framing.  Need some ideas...Pinterest??

     I intend to get these going in the year 2013 and will start with loading one on the quilt frame this week after inventory.   I have to go take a nap now to prep myself for 3 overnighters of inventory bliss.  I make it sound like hell but I do love the process but getting 100 plus people to get it counted right is sometimes quite a chore, times that by 2 and you know what my next 3 nights will be like.  Did I mention I do like inventory?  

Happy counting, I mean sewing, K



  1. Oh my goodness! I also have an inspira quilting frame and a viking mega quilter (very few people here in Sweden have one :)! I used it for the first time in a very long time twice last year. Just wish I had a sewing room to put it in, when I'm not using it it's tucked away in the basement :)
    Kristin in Sweden

    1. I have the first model and when I got it I wanted to do more free motion than pantograph so I put it on concrete blocks to make it higher and I sit on a tall stool to do the detail work. I do really likeThe machine just too busy with other stuff to focus on a project. It's on my list this year to make better use of it.