Sunday, October 7, 2012

     I was so excited that I posted this as done but it is still really a work in progress.  I forgot that I did not make or add the borders, which are a new project all on their own!  The borders have 22 double scallops on them.  I now have them made and added to the sides.

      I did not sew them down yet.  Still basted on with Roxanne's glue baste.  I am debating whether to quilt/sew them down in one step during the quilting process....Any suggestions??  I really don't want to take another 5 years to finish it.  Oh and I do work Full Time and am so tired each day when I get home that I make dinner and sit in front of the TV for an hour then go to bed....No energy to sew or anything else but cuddle with Skittles the family pet.

Would love to hear your comments.....K

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  1. I decided to sew them down by hand. I timed myself on one seam, 30 minutes, so that means this will take another 22 hours to complete. I will try for an hour each evening after work.